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What is StellarHE?

StellarHE is a pioneering, transformative leadership development programme for Black, Asian, and Racially Diverse Leaders working in Higher Education (HE). It’s an 8-month leadership programme designed to equip you with the leadership competencies and strategies required to take advantage of opportunities and respond to the distinct challenges Racially Diverse Academic and Professional staff face in leading as a ‘minority’ in a ‘majority culture.

It is our belief that successfully navigating the Higher Education landscape as a Racially Diverse Leader demands exceptional authentic leadership of self; a mindset that positions diversity as a unique strength; the executive presence required to effectively lead across difference and a deep understanding of your organisation as a complex ‘system’ that you are called to lead, transform and positively influence.

As we begin this journey, our aim is to inspire, empower and prepare you for greater things, so you can take on expanded roles, step into your leadership and advance your career more successfully.

Our ambition is simple, to grow a tribe of powerful StellarHE leaders who contribute to a shift and change in the lived experience, progression, and achievement of Black, Asian, and Racially Diverse Staff in HE and beyond.

What are the objectives of StellarHE?

StellarHE is designed to:

  • Renew and revive your clarity of purpose, ambition, and strategies to take your career to the next level
  • Help you identify the mindset and behaviours you need to change, shift or grow in order to turbocharge your leadership
  • Expand your understanding of the critical principles of effective authentic leadership through the lens of Race
  • Challenge the status quo – help you become an agent of change for inclusion, a Racially diverse leader who models the way

What StellarHE is NOT

This leadership experience is not about ‘helping you fix yourself or fit into existing norms. The focus of StellarHE is ‘your difference is a positive, value-added strength’ on helping you learn how to progress in a system as an empowered, authentic leader.

What will we cover?

Your programme is made up of 10 bespoke leadership modules that have been specifically designed with you in mind and builds on cutting edge leadership thinking and evidence-based action research of Black, Asian, and ethnically diverse leaders lived experience

In addition, there are a number of Leadership Assessments that you’ll also be asked to do, designed to help you reflect on your leadership. You will also receive two Borderless Executive Coaching Sessions, created to coach the ‘whole leader’ and all aspects of your difference.

To realise our ambition there will be three programme outputs:

  1. Line-of-Sight Review: an in-depth ‘live audit’ of your HEI in relation to race diversity
  2. Leadership Signature: a personal summary of who you are as a StellarHE Leader  
  3. StellarHE Leadership Challenge: the ‘change’ you have been called to respond to 

What is the outcome?

By the end of your StellarHE journey you will:

  • Have a clearer vision of the authentic values-driven leader you want to become, the skills, behaviours, and mindset needed to extend your influence and deepen your impact
  • Feel inspired, motivated, and better equipped to take control of your career and begin to identify a plan of action and next steps
  • Have developed deeper relationships with other Racially Diverse Leaders in HE, extending your network of key influencers and future senior leaders across the sector.

Data Handling

We take data handling seriously. Please read our declaration for GDPR here.

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