The LSEG Inclusion Network Global Co-Leads Coaching Programme.

A very warm welcome to the LSEG Inclusion Network Global Co-Leads Group Coaching, which has been specifically designed with you and your Inclusion Network leadership responsibilities in mind. The aim of this initiative is to support you in developing your authentic leadership and strategic thinking and help you extend the skills required to lead your Network in support of LSEG’s D&I agenda.

Through facilitated Group Coaching sessions and a series of powerful individual coaching conversations, your expert Executive Borderless Coach from the Diversity Practice Ltd will provide you with a confidential, safe space to explore real issues that impact your leadership and further build your inclusive leadership practice.

The high-level objectives are to:

  • Support you and your LSEG Inclusion Network Global Co-Lead to review your vision, ambition, strategy, and action plan for leading your Network.
  • Help build and further extend your knowledge, skills, mindset, and behaviours required to lead and influence across the business.
  • Equip you with the skills, confidence, and strategic thinking required to become effective agents of change that proactively contribute to the creation of a high performing inclusive organisation.

What is the Borderless methodology?

LSEG’s Inclusion Network Global Co-Leads Group Coaching has been specifically designed using the principles of ‘Borderless Coaching’- a powerful transformational process, created by the Diversity Practice, that has been intentionally crafted to authentically coach the whole person and all aspects of their difference; and to also support them in extending their impact as transformative leaders of organisational change.

Our coaching approach will challenge and inspire you to lead self from a place of authenticity, confidently articulate and redefine your vision, determine the mindset and behaviours required to positively influence your key stakeholders, and identify strategies required to create a highly successful outcome as a Network Leader. The approach will also support you in developing the skills of ‘Leader as Coach’.

Programme Design

There are TWO elements to the LSEG’s Inclusion Network Global Co-Leads Group Coaching design and content: The Group Coaching Pathway and Individual Borderless Executive Coaching.

Click/tap the text in the module below for a quick summary of each element.

Group Coaching Pathway

Borderless Executive Coaching

Data Handling

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Getting Started