h1>What is EDLP?

The EDLP is a pioneering, transformative leadership development programme for Black, Asian, and Ethnically Diverse Leaders working at Aviva. It’s an 8-month leadership programme designed to equip you with the leadership competencies and strategies required to take advantage of opportunities and respond to the distinct challenges Ethnically Diverse Leaders face in leading as a ‘minority’ in a ‘majority culture.

Please follow this link to go to the course landing page.

Module 1 RtA 1 – My Big Why
Exercise 1 RtA 1 - My Big Why - Aviva Cohort 4 - Managers
Module 2 RtA 2 – Leading DEI Change
Exercise 1 RtA 2 - Leading DEI Change - Aviva Cohort 4 - Managers
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